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Zesty Freshness for Little Teeth: Pigeon Toothpaste for Children Orange Flavour (Pack of 3)

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Transform your child's dental routine with the zing of Pigeon Toothpaste for Children in Orange Flavour. This pack of three is specially crafted to bring a burst of sunshine to your little one's brushing time, combining safety with sensory pleasure. Understanding the playful nature of kids and their oral care needs, Pigeon presents a toothpaste that's as friendly to the taste buds as it is effective in combating dental woes.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe Ingestion: With ingredients like calcium phosphate and glycerine, this toothpaste is formulated to be harmless if swallowed, offering a stress-free experience for parents.
  • Low Foam for Comfort: It's designed to produce minimal foam, preventing the discomfort that can lead to gagging or vomiting, ensuring a pleasant brushing experience.
  • Inviting Orange Flavor: The tangy orange taste is irresistible to children, promoting regular and enthusiastic brushing habits.
  • Dental Decay Shield: Regular brushing with this toothpaste fortifies your child's teeth against decay and helps maintain a cavity-free smile.
  • Comprehensive Oral Clean: It not only cleans the teeth and gums effectively but also helps in preventing bad breath, leaving your child's mouth fresh and aiding in the development of their taste buds.

Pigeon Toothpaste for Children is ideal for infants and youngsters who are just beginning to understand the importance of oral health. Its bright and fun packaging is designed to catch their eye and make them excited for brushing time. For best use, apply a pea-sized amount to a soft-bristled toothbrush and assist your child in gentle brushing twice a day. This not only ensures that they learn proper brushing technique but also instills the habit of lifelong oral hygiene. With Pigeon's Orange Toothpaste, each brushing session is a joyful and healthy habit that your child will always love.

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Pigeon India Pvt Ltd

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Shree Cosmetics Ltd, Himachal Pradesh, 173205

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