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Sweet Smiles Ahead with Pigeon Combo Children Toothpaste (Strawberry) 45g, Pack of 2

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Expiry Date April 2025

Embark on a joyful journey to dental health for your children with Pigeon's Strawberry-flavored Children Toothpaste. Tailor-made for the delicate needs of your little ones, this toothpaste ensures that brushing becomes not just a habit but a fun-filled, flavorful adventure. Pigeon understands the gentle world of infant care like no other, and this toothpaste is a testament to their dedication and expertise in child wellness.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe if Swallowed: Formulated with calcium phosphate and glycerine, this toothpaste is harmless even when ingested, giving parents peace of mind.
  • Low Foam Formula: Designed to create less foam for a comfortable brushing experience, it minimizes the risk of vomiting and discomfort during brushing.
  • Delicious Strawberry Flavor: The favorite strawberry taste makes brushing a fun activity that kids will look forward to every day.
  • Prevents Tooth Decay: Regular use protects your child’s pearly whites from decay, ensuring long-term dental health.
  • Cleans and Freshens: It effectively cleans teeth and gums, removing food particles and preventing bad breath, all while aiding in the development of taste buds.

This toothpaste is perfect for infants who are just starting their dental hygiene journey. The cheerful tube with kid-friendly prints will draw your child's attention, making them eager for their next brushing session. It's lightweight, making it convenient for on-the-go use during family trips. Use a pea-sized amount on a soft-bristled brush, and guide your child through gentle strokes on their teeth and gums, ensuring a thorough clean with every brush.

Give your child the gift of a sparkling smile with Pigeon Combo Children Toothpaste. Make the right choice for your child's dental health today and watch them beam with joy after every brush!

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Pigeon India Pvt Ltd

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Shree Cosmetics Ltd, Himachal Pradesh, 173205

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