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Pigeon Anti-Bacterial Liquid Cleanser Combo (Yuzu 700ml Bottle + 650ml Refill

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Welcome to the peace of mind in a bottle – the Pigeon Anti-Bacterial Liquid Cleanser Combo. Crafted with care, this Yuzu-scented cleansing duo is a powerhouse against germs and residues, ensuring your baby's health and hygiene. The generous 700ml bottle, paired with a 650ml refill, offers a practical solution to cleanliness without compromising on safety. Infused with the citrusy freshness of Yuzu, this liquid cleanser is a gentle giant in the realm of sanitization.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Cleaning Power: With 20% more stain removal efficacy, say goodbye to tough residues with ease, ensuring all baby items are immaculately clean.
  • Gentle Yet Effective: Tough on germs and milk residues, it eradicates 99.99% of bacteria while being incredibly gentle on the skin.
  • Chemical-Free Composition: Absolutely free from harsh elements like paraben, sulphates, and synthetic dyes, making it a safe choice for your little one.
  • Efficient and Sustainable: Its easy rinse formula means you’ll use 15% less water, and the biodegradable concoction underlines our commitment to the planet.
  • Food-Safe Formula: Composed of 100% food-grade ingredients, you can trust the cleanser on all baby feeding equipment as well as fruits and vegetables.

Designed with your baby's health as the priority, the Pigeon Anti-Bacterial Liquid Cleanser is perfect for parents who seek a hygienic environment without the worry of harmful chemicals. Whether you're cleaning bottles, nipples, or toys, this liquid cleanser is also ideal for washing fruits and vegetables, ensuring that everything your baby touches or tastes is clean and safe. Use it daily to protect against germs and bacteria, and enjoy the added benefit of a lovely Yuzu fragrance lingering on your baby's items.

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