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Philips Avent Natural 2.0 Bottle 260ml

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Expiry Date March 2027

Introducing the Philips Avent Natural Bottle – the nurturing way to bottle feed your baby. This innovative baby bottle is expertly designed to provide a comforting experience that's close to natural breastfeeding. With a focus on easing the transition from breast to bottle, it stands as an essential for new parents looking to nourish their infants with love and care.

  • Reduces Colic and Discomfort: Equipped with a unique anti-colic valve, this bottle is engineered to minimize discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby's tummy.
  • Ultra-soft & Flexible: The bottle teat is exceptionally soft and flexible, ensuring a natural feeding experience for your little one.
  • Seamless Breast to Bottle Transition: With its wide, breast-shaped teat, the Philips Avent Bottle promotes a natural latch on, making it easy to combine with breastfeeding.
  • Natural Latch on: The wide, breast-shaped teat supports a natural latch on, akin to the breast, allowing for an easy transition between breast and bottle feeding.
  • Mimics the Feel of the Breast: The ultra-soft teat imitates the feel of the breast, providing comfort to your baby with a familiar sensation.

Crafted for newborns and up, this Philips Avent Bottle is a boon for mothers and fathers aiming to introduce bottle feeding to their routine. Whether you're looking to combine bottle with breastfeeding or transitioning your baby to full-time bottle-feeding, this bottle is designed to suit your needs. It's not just a bottle; it's a way to maintain the closeness of breastfeeding while offering the flexibility of bottle feeding. Use it to cherish those special moments of bonding and nourish your baby with every feed.

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Philips India Limited, DLF IT Park, 08 Block AF, Major Arterial Road, New Town (Rajarhat), Kolkata 700156, West Bengal

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Philips India Limited, DLF IT Park, 08 Block AF, Major Arterial Road, New Town (Rajarhat), Kolkata 700156, West Bengal

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M/s Philips Electronics UK Limited, PHILIPS AVENT, Philips India Limited. Contact: 1800 102 2929

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